There are a lot of truths contained in the book of Ephesians. One of the lessons I learned was the teaching of prayer. The cause of Paul’s prayer was the faith and love for all the saints. God impressed me to pray more seeing the faith and love of my fellow saints.  Attending prayer gatherings taught me to be grateful for all the benefits God hath bestowed upon all the saints.

.I am encouraged every time I see the saints kneeling in prayer. Being part of the body of Christ it is privileged to pray and be prayed for. With the demonstration of faith and love, I am encouraged to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ more.  Paul’s prayer was for them to have the spirit of wisdom and the revelation in the knowledge of Him.

We pray not to be blessed but to have fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything should revolve around our Saviour. I realized that the object of our prayer should not focus on our needs but it should be for the glory of our Lord.  The knowledge of Him would teach us to deny ungodliness.

God is Holy and having the knowledge of His character would create fear in us. Having the fear of God may we have the wisdom to discern which is evil and to cleave to that which is good and acceptable in His sight.

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