In this present world, we don’t really recognize the word grace. We never realize how big this word means until we come to a point it will teach us many things. Have ye suffered to be defrauded? Been accused of something you know you’re not.

In my case, I  would say yes. A person who was so dear to me a friend whom I prayed for, hurt me and defrauded me. I had a lot of sleepless nights thinking about why was I being defrauded. How painful it is to be accused of something you are not. And I ask myself why would The Lord suffer so much but no guile was found in his mouth.

And I told myself that Jesus suffered so much because of my sin. The teaching grace would give me the character of fully trusting in His perfect will. Grace taught me to forbear and exercise long-suffering. Though somebody wronged me I learned to forgive because the Father also had forgiven me.

If it would teach me more patience and long-suffering let it be that I may develop His character. I said to The Lord if He allows things to happen let it be if it will develop more fellowship with Him, let His name be glorified. He became my example for me to deny every right I had. I was reminded where sin abounded grace did much more abound.

Therefore the grace is a pure unmerited, unrecompensed kindness of God, without any human effort. Grace would help me remember what Christ did at the cross, helped me reckon that I am dead to sin and I should live under grace and yield to the teaching of the Holy Ghost.

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