by Ezekiel L. Soriano

God has a purpose for each and everyone who lives in this world.

One of His great purposes is to save people from their sins. That was why He manifested in the flesh to taste death & sufferings at the Cross just to obey the will of His Father. He offered Himself as a Holy Lamb without blemish, He was spotless – for a perfect atonement for all our sins. He was not willing that any should perish (II Pet. 3:9)! OH HOW GREAT THE LOVE OF GOD IS!

During the five days of learning doctrines and teachings, three words lingered in my mind.  “Are You Saved?”

Many times I’ve heard that question but I disregarded it. My teacher in the subject of The Holy Ghost said: “If you are saved, there should be the Holy Spirit that indwells you.”

I examined myself. Why was there no grieving in me each time I commit sin?

My heart was so heavy and bothered that night. I realized that I was not really saved!

At last! I got saved that night when I believed. It was May 23, 2015 after the AVPI. I was so happy I began praising and thanking God.

Now, I’m confident to say that I am saved by grace through faith. Before the AVPI I was praying that God would save souls but hindi ko inaasahan na ako ay isa doon. I thank God for the working of the Holy Spirit and for using the AVPI for me to know Him more, for me to be enlightened, for me to be saved by the grace of God!

We cannot fully understand all the plans and purposes of God for us but I thank Him for He is the one guiding, protecting and loving me. I know God has a purpose why I am still living in this world and I pray that I may be profitable for Him as long as I live.

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