God moves in many different ways. He uses circumstances for us to know He exists. Sometimes I tend to over-analyze situations when things go differently from what I expected. Some people would react differently from what the said norm is.  And a portion of them would ask why did God allow things to happen to good people?

When we face trials or circumstances we can hardly bear, our body organs especially our sympathetic nervous system will go a long way. It is known to be a fight and flight response. We tend to eat much, sweat, talk and do things excessively.  We exert all our effort to make the impossible things possible. At the end of the day, our effort will be put into waste; we get exhausted and feel desperate. We deceive ourselves that we are okay but we are not. The only remedy for our trouble is to let God do the control. Our efforts would seize to exist when we finally surrender our last say to God.

I remember one morning; I was about to go home. I was finally waiting for the bus, there were a lot of commuters excited to ride the bus. In my excitement, I ran—not knowing I could get myself into trouble, me being in between buses. I felt a twisting motion in my hips and reality would sink in that God can take me away. There were flashbacks of memory. I saw my family in that still vision, the school I attended, precious memories of loved ones, career, earthly possession etc. At that point, I was in a trance. In that second, I felt I wanted to move, but I really couldn’t.  I felt frightened that death is finally knocking on my door. I thought of the immensity of the bus; it was so incomparable to my fragile body. But I thank God He made a way for me to escape.

This scenario is just one of the few providential stories I have. Come to think of it, when you are near your deathbed, all the things which charm you the most wouldn’t matter. Your earthly treasure, the talents and the things you have, educational background, wealth, popularity, strength, things you love and endear the most can’t come with you. You will face the God of Heaven and Earth who created you.

The essence of life is knowing Christ – when we know that He purposely put things in place for us to know Him. For Him to arrange things and for us to know how to trust the invisible God that loves us despite our frailties and imperfections. Truly, the grace He provides abounds, that was why Jesus Christ was manifested into the flesh, for that grace to be seen and demonstrated. He suffered shame. He became that sin whom God hates, for us to have the eternal life manifested in Christ Jesus.

God is always faithful. He may put us in a very hard situation. We may be in pain while taking the test, discouraged, troubled and not sure of what will happen next. He may be quiet at times but for sure we have the victory in Him. God is true to His words. He will remove the things that we hoped for so long that we might have hope in Him. He is never hard to trust. We may have sorrow for a little while but God is still in control. He will mold us to be the fine gold He wants us to be for the Master’s use.

Real hope is allowing God to take control. When we stop doing things for ourselves and letting God be in our midst. When we stop trying and just letting ourselves be drawn to Him and to His perfect will. May we be excited looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God.

Let me leave you with these words:

“The countless stars with enormous range; unending depth of space. Echoes the travel of time with the speed of million light rays. The universe immensity. The audacity of the sun. The sphere and diameter of the solar system create perplexity of the mind. No one beats the invisible, the Creator, the only wise God.”

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