by  Kyle Matthew L. Soriano

“I could stand here and tell you what I used to be
I could tell of the change that’s come over me
for the Lord shed His Grace when He died on the tree
So I’ll let the blood Jesus shed speak for me

I AM WHAT I AM, because of His Grace
for one spotless Lamb died in my place
all my sins are forgiven, my past is erase
I AM WHAT I AM! Because of His Grace

I was lost and undone, now I’m found and fulfilled
God traded His Son for my shame and my guilt
Now I’m His child! I’m no longer sin-slaved!
His mercy has made me what I am today!”

First of all, I would like to thank God for the gift he has given me, the gift of the salvation of my soul! I also thank God because when I got saved He changed me from what I was before. I thank Him for His Grace that he has given me. Last May 23, 2015 I was reviewing the thing I learned from AVPI. I remember the subject about the Holy Ghost. when I was reading it from my notes I started questioning myself why was there no Holy Spirit that was convicting me? And why there was no grieving inside me every time I sin? Then I realize that I was not yet saved! Many times I told myself when we were still in Baguio that I was saved. Every time my tito or my tita start asking me if I was saved, I tell them “I am saved, yes I am saved”. But there were many times I doubted my salvation still I told myself “no, I am saved!” But I really thank God the day He showed me the true salvation, and now I know I am really saved because of His Grace.

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