It was June 2011 when I posted this on my blog. Reading back, I could still feel the intense emotion and gratitude that I felt from this event. A.V.P.I is not just an ordinary Bible School for me. It was the event that was used by God to wake me up from the reality of my spiritual life. I have been saved long before this but the growth in my Christian life had been so slow and almost stagnant.

For me, it’s a wake-up call. I venture to so many things but the one matters most was almost completely taken for granted. Thankfully, my God is still merciful and He has never forgotten me.

Dear A.V.P.I,

You have done so much to my life. In just four days of your existence this summer, you were used by God to change my perspective in life, especially in my spiritual one.

I know you’ve created optimistic chaos in the minds of most of the attendees, but for me it only means that the work was effective and created that impact it supposed to create. Without that kind of pressure and stress that you brought into my life, I don’t think I will have this kind of view right now. Its brighter and clearer than it has ever been.

When I say ‘life’, its the one that used to live in. Growing up in a church that started out from mere confusion to complete comprehension of the Bible, I saw the transition in the lives of the people involved. And being part of that people, the activities that they’ve done have grown to be a part of me to the point that they’ve become hideous ritual in my everyday routine. There was nothing negative to them but since my spiritual state wasn’t actually tuned in right, my way grew dimmer and I slowly started to want something more.

But then you came.

You renewed in me the facts and figures that makes the Bible a more interesting read. You showed me experiences that makes a Christian life worth living in. You showed me challenging ways to love and cherish the people of God more than the material possessions I could ever have. And most especially, you showed me that God is still in control in the lives of all the people and the universe.

It’s been a week or two now, but the aftermath of your endeavor still has an effect on me, and never will it go away.

To all your initiators, I applaud you and look up to you. May God take all the glory for all the patience, sufferings, and glory you received. In taking the risk of going out of the traditional way, you created a mark in history by preaching and teaching to us the right doctrine of the King James Bible without hiding anything, without any pretenses and most of all, for free!

I could say nothing more but that.. God might have all the preeminence.

Your ever-bashful student,
Jena Mae

I wonder if this happens to everyone as well? I wonder if the simple circumstances in life bring us to an awakening that makes us see our need for the Saviour?

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