A New Year is upon us. Whether we admit it or not, somewhere in the depths of our hearts, we keep promises and dreams that we aim to fulfill one day or another.

But as months and days go by, we lose track of those promises; and the burning desire that kindles those dreams will soon be shadowed by the present anxieties we have to deal with to live.

Let’s face it.

Are you one of those who promise to read their Bible consistently starting January 1 and then halfway through the year, you lose track of your daily readings and vows to start all over again the next year?

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Yup, I raise my hand up in the air, shamefully. I am guilty of that. Somehow through the course of the year, I get distracted and start skipping a day or two of my daily devotions and end up missing a whole lot more than that.

But as a Christian, we ought to remember that Daily Devotions should NEVER be a goal nor a task to check out in our planner. It is NOT supposed to be a random to-do in our list that we could tick off daily.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to plan your Bible Readings out. In fact, if it would remind us to do it daily, then go ahead and make a place for it in your planner.

What I’m saying is this. Bible Reading, Prayer, and Meditating God’s Words is NOT a Task but a Manifestation of our Relationship with God.

Think about it.

If we profess to be Christians, shouldn’t we be having an excellent relationship with Christ? And if we have a relationship with Christ, shouldn’t we be naturally communicating with Him our inner-most desires and plea? And knowing that all the answers to our questions and prayers are already written in His Word, shouldn’t we be consulting it first instead of a mere human’s opinion?

This is a classic loophole in our existence as a person and as Christians. We have grown apathetic to our spiritual needs, stoically going about using our own human strength to define our capabilities and achievements. We fail to acknowledge the fact that through a simple devotion, God is honored more than any sacrifices we make for Him. Because it is in those moments of prayer and meditation with Him that we recognize our inabilities and frailties as His little creation. It is through those moments that we glorify His Strenght in our lives and declare that He Alone could control every aspect of our lives.

If we realize this, I know it would be a space freed-up in our planners. We wouldn’t necessarily need a written note to be reminded that Bible Reading, Prayer, and Meditation of God’s Words are important. Instead, doing it is going be as natural as our breathing and consistent as our heartbeat.

And with all of that said, it shouldn’t be a New Year’s Resolution anymore. But a glorified relationship to nurture with our Saviour.

What are your aspirations this New Year? If you have verses from the Bible that have blessed you for this New Year, please share it in the comment section below. We love to hear what you have to say!

And oh, please read the previous article entitled “In a Relationship” by my friend and churchmate, Charity, regarding a very similar topic about Bible Reading and Devotions.

Have a Blessed New Year Everyone!

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