“DEATH.” A dark word that gives me a dark thrill. Every time I hear and think of it, it makes my heart ill. Death separates people, and it does not choose a time to come into our life. It does not choose who and what you are. Whether you are young or old, healthy or not, wealthy or poor, death will come to you whether you like it, or not! When someone dies you, you feel like your heart has been pierced by a sword. Death can also cause pains and sufferings to those who are still alive. Sometimes, thinking of death makes a human’s heart beat fast, and faster if they think about it more, which is maybe the effect of fear. On the other hand, death also makes the heart stop beating and stop its function to the body. In fact, death is inevitable to every man!

Death comes to every man, and indeed we sometimes don’t understand why God must take our loved ones away from us. The truth is, God is not taking them away from us. He is making them be forever with us. That is if we are ‘in Christ.’ If they have become believers of the Gospel, then they are ‘in Christ.’ We can, therefore, be together in Christ, and that is for eternity.

God taking our loved ones or friends away from us may be one of the ways so we could learn to set our affections on things above and to seek those things which are above where Christ sits at the right hand of God. Sometimes, we take for granted the opportunity we have with other people – especially our loved ones. We must not wait for the time that God would take them before we could show how much we appreciate them.

During death funerals, some people today are given a chance to say something about the individual who died. If only the dead could talk, maybe they would say, “I have been longing to hear that from you when I was yet alive.” While you still have that time and chance, don’t miss it, never take it for granted, and use it unto good. There is a time for every season of our life, and one of those is the time to die, and to every time there is a purpose. It’s true that when someone dies, especially those you love, it gives us bitter tears and pains. But if they are in Christ and they are in heaven and if you are sure that you’re saved by God’s love, mercy, and grace, SOON AND VERY SOON, you’ll meet them again. Those dead in Christ are forever with Him, and you too will be with them forever when you leave this world.

When death comes, don’t be sad, be happy. For after death, there is a victory! A preacher once said that “Death is a door that opens me to the presence of Jesus Christ.” And what gladness it is that when you die and you open your eyes, the first one you’ll see is our Saviour Jesus Christ! So, I must live my life for Christ’s glory. For I have known and realized that death is not what I should fear but God Himself.

After death, there is a judgment. Judgment is certain as death is. Now while waiting for death or Christ to come, there is something that I or we must do. Souls are very important. As a saved person, lost souls are one of our tasks. They are to be given the truth, and we are to be used by God for them to know it, and let the Holy Spirit make them understand it. Our purpose here on this earth is to bring men (lost souls) to Christ, in whatever situations we may be at. We are to glorify God by telling the world the wonderful story of how Christ redeemed us from death and hell. We have to have compassion for the lost souls while God is still gracious to give us the chance to tell them the Gospel, and the opportunity to let them hear the gospel.

As the song goes,” Death is coming, hell is moving. Can you bear to let them go?” So if you are saved, while you live your life here on this earth, do things that please God and labour for His name. Don’t wait for the time that you haven’t done your best for Him when it is already too late when your life is already taken. When death comes, or when Christ comes, our labour is over. As a saved person, living in this world is for Christ, and leaving this world is to be with Christ! (Rom.8:38,39), (1 Cor.15:54-58), (Rom.14:8), (Phil.1:21). “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

Now death is no more a dark word for me. When I got to know Jesus Christ, when I knew that on the cross He died, I realized that He faced death to save a sinner and unworthy person like me. He suffered death to cleanse away my sins. He did what His Father commanded, He suffered and bore my sins, and died on the cross of shame. Jesus Christ became obedient even unto death (Phil.2:8). What Jesus Christ did on the cross gave me hope – the hope to be with Him eternally. When I believed and trusted what Jesus did on Calvary – that it is sufficient and enough –  death has become no longer my fear. There was already someone who died for me, and that was Jesus Christ alone. If I die, I know, and I’m sure that I’ll be with Him! Jesus is real! Jesus Christ arose from the grave after His death and burial, and He is now in heaven… He lives! (1 Cor.15:1-4) When you are in Christ, death will not be anymore a grief. It will not be a pain. It’s a relief; it is a gain! It is to be with our Saviour! In heaven, there will be no more pains, nor sorrows. No more heartaches, no more tears. There will be no more death! (Rev.21:4)

After death, I know my Saviour in heaven I’ll see, and it thrills me more to see Christ who saved me. My friends and loved ones are now there waiting for me, and after I die in this world, I’ll live with them eternally.

How about you my friend? Are you still afraid of death? Was there a time that death crossed your mind? When your life is over, who and what are you going to see? Be assured that when death comes, or when Christ comes, you know what and who you’re going to see and be with. If you’re not sure where to go when you die, then you are not saved – and you must be saved! You must believe that the Gospel is true and that it is enough and sufficient for us to be saved! When a man dies, he cannot live again! Only Jesus is the man who died and rose again! Jesus Christ is the only way for you to be saved from sin and hell (John 14:6).

And God wants you to be with Him in eternity.

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