God is always able to make all of His grace abound toward us. Just believe on Him that He can and He will.

Though we have infirmities in our flesh, He uses that for us not to have confidence in ourselves but to give Glory to God in all things. I thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit that keeps on reminding me that I have a Great God. A Great God that is real and faithful. I may not be able to count how many times he had shown His goodness in my life and how long He extends His Grace towards me but Glory to God that it reaches me and it is always sufficient. Thank the Lord that His Grace is never measured in how much I did for Him, but instead, He gave it equally to everyone even to those who don’t deserve it. Much sin calls for much Grace. I pray to understand more of the Grace of God that He displayed on the cross of Calvary when He saved my soul that I may demonstrate to others that same grace that Christ hath showed unto me.

I believe Christ see and even touch with the feelings of our infirmities. Maybe our situation right now is keeping us in our sinful nature, but by God’s grace, it becomes our opportunity to draw nigh to Him and experience His power working in us.

Christ never fails to keep His promises. I know He will deliver us from all sin. Though we have different circumstances and situations in life but Glory to God that His Grace is equally and freely given to us. That in every situation, there is enough grace that we can receive. It is always an amazing thought for me knowing the love of Christ for me, and knowing that His Love is sufficient for my sinfulness before a pure and Holy God. Thank the Lord for the blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary and how my prayers may now go directly to Him. I may have sufferings right now, but I’m happy in Jesus today. In my heart, I pray to suffer all things for Christ sake that someday when I see Him I may offer all things that I have done under His feet, not on Human effort or ability – that I may never glory on myself but to God alone. The Lord has been so gracious enough for me to thank Him.

However, what is the right response to the love God hath showed unto me? God help me to be honest to Him on what’s inside my heart. And be mindful of the only intended purpose of doing things –  that I might Honor Him and glorify Him.

My earnest plea is to have that sweet personal and intimate relationship with Him and keeping that zealousness in Him burning more brightly every day. With His grace, I pray to draw near unto Him day by day and hour by hour.

I know the devil is working in the midst, in his own way, and we cannot escape by our own effort and strength. But thank the Lord, He covered us with His own Blood and hath redeemed us. He never did anything just because He can. He has done everything because He has His purpose.

As for me, to draw near to God is not a physical act. It’s not building a tower of Babel, by my achievements, to get to heaven. It’s not necessarily going to a church building. Or walking to an altar at the front – it is an invisible act of the heart. We can do it while standing absolutely still, or while lying in a hospital bed, or while sitting in a pew listening to a sermon. Drawing near is not moving from one place to another. It is a directing of the heart into the presence of God who is as distant as the holy of holies in heaven, and yet as near as the door of faith. 

I pray that the desire in my heart is ablaze even unto the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Living in this world is hard. But it is always better to live with Christ.

Satan is not concerned with the people living in this world, he is more concerned with the people who stand for the truth and glorifies God. Glory to God that we have the victory through Him. It is our fellowship with Him that makes us strangers in this world. I thank the Lord that we became partakers of all that is in Him since the day we believed in Christ’s Finished Work. And the Unbreakable Bond of God’s Grace becomes in us since Christ dwells in us. Who shall separate us from the Love of Christ? Oh! What a Saviour I have.

Thank the Lord for His grace that abounds yet more and more. It is exhorting me daily that someday, all those heartaches and sufferings will go away, and we need not close our eyes just to talk to Him but face to face we shall see Him as He is. Oh, what a relief in my heart looking for that very day. I thank the Lord that I will spend my eternity with Him because of what Christ did on the cross of Calvary which satisfies me the way God the Father was satisfied.

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