God has a purpose to each and everyone who lives in this world.

One of His great purpose is to save people from their sins. That was why He manifested in the flesh to taste death & sufferings at the Cross just to obey the will of His Father. He offered Himself as a Holy Lamb without blemish, He was spotless – for a perfect atonement for all our sins. He was not willing that any should perish (II Pet. 3:9)! OH HOW GREAT THE LOVE OF GOD IS!

Two batches of graduates from AVPI (Authorized Version Primer Institute) have long joined the mainstream of Christianity and mingled back with their families, loved ones and churches. I am wondering if their manner of lives or conversations influenced any those that interacted with them. I heard a lot of positive feedbacks from the testimonies of some and maybe there were testimonies that were not heard but I am sure that God has taken notice all of those things.